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Monthly News

*********** Record has been Smashed at Alders farm 2014**************

As expected Mr Elderton aka Oplus was top of the shop with his first ever recorded century it was a very impressive 157lb 8oz.

Followed by the Bear ( This is not a spelling mistake it  is true it was the Bear) in second place with 79lb.

Third place was Trev 'The Panic' Adshead with 72lb not quite beating the previous club record but brilliant for third.


Well done guys this will take some beating


2015 season


Who's with who


Oplus and Barlow

Len and Deck - A - Chair

Mo Idea and The Bear

60/40 and Blank

Dave and Gandalf

Dremmel and Panic

Shoulders and Nobody


Rules for the pairs season:

The weight from both fisherman in the pair will be added together and the placements will be decided as normal.

In the event of a fisherman not turning up we will use the following formula

From last years table we ended up with our 2 groups of fisherman which gave us our pairs for this year.

Group 1
Eldy, Hullis, Elmo, Dan, Tony, Pete B
Group 2
Trev, King, Wilson, Bear, Keith, Barlow

If someone from group 1 can't make a match we use the average weight of the members of group 1 on the day to determine the missing fishermans weight. If someone from group 2 doesn't turn up then we use the average of group 2 to determine their weight.

In the event of an odd number the person in the middle of the table we will use the average from all fisherman on the day to determine their second weight.


How the pegs will work:


On match day the fisherman selected from the bottom half of the table will pick an odd numbered peg.


This will then mean the fisherman from the top half of the table will fish the even peg to their left.




Some more news the votes are in for 'the poster boy of EBWAC' and no surprises really it was a landslide victory by the Bear. Update the site with your comments

2015 Season

7th March - Grafton Regis Canal


Thanks to Mr Brennan for sorting this one out


18th April - Wold Farm Moat Lake


We've all been here before and just a reminder that you need to use pellets from the place.


9th May - Biggins Lake



From Oundle take the A427 Benefield Road, heading towards Corby, after a mile you will see the Golf Course on Your Left, carry on for a further 1/4 of a mile to the Lay-by on the left, Park here. Go Through the Large Gate, walk across the Fairway to the next Gate and you're there.

Biggin Lake Postcode for your TOMTOM PE8 4EZ


20th June - Alders Farm



This time out we are on the Ash lake

Just a reminder we have to use pellets from site.


*****Also we are looking at doing a BBQ afterwards all welcome including family. Food will be supplied by the club bring your own booze. Please let us know availability in plenty of time so we can make arrangements. ****


4th July - Heyford Snake Lake


This has been taken over since we last fished it so we will have to see

1st August - TOFTS


This is just an insight for everyone I will add the rest of the details when I get them



5th September – Lake Ross