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*********** Record has been Smashed at Alders farm 2014**************

As expected Mr Elderton aka Oplus was top of the shop with his first ever recorded century it was a very impressive 157lb 8oz.

Followed by the Bear ( This is not a spelling mistake it  is true it was the Bear) in second place with 79lb.

Third place was Trev 'The Panic' Adshead with 72lb not quite beating the previous club record but brilliant for third.


2016 season

This season we will be following the 7 match format for both singles and pairs created last season.

We will also be introducing some new rules please see below.

Following this we will also be adding some extra matches which will just be open matches and not count towards your points totals, they are as follows


27/02/16 - Pike match Oplus to provide details

12/06/16 - Dog lane - 14 pegs booked £7 per peg

24/07/15 - Castle Ashby grendon pond - 14 pegs booked


Who's with who


Mo Idea and Postman Pat

Fat Controller and Deck - A - Chair

The Bear and Panic

Oplus and Gandalf

Dremmel and Shoulders

Barlow and 60/40

Big Len and Dave

New rules:

  • If you stay for the entire match but blank then you will receive 1 point this will count in the singles only!
  • The biggest fish on the day of each match as judged by the chairman will be awarded 1 bonus point if it is a draw or undecided then no points will be awarded.
  • Prior to each draw the chairman will nominate a peg as the bonus peg. This will mean if the angler who has drawn this bonus peg wins the match the will also win the bonus peg money.
  • If the bonus peg is not won it rolls over to the following week.
  • The £1 for the bonus peg money will be taken out of the standard £20.00 match fees if you miss a match you will need to pay £21 on the next match to keep in the bonus peg competition.

Rules for the pairs season:

  • All fisherman will draw a peg at each match this season
  • The weight from both fisherman in the pair will be added together and the placements will be decided as normal.
  • In the event of a fisherman not turning up we will double the weight of the fisherman that does turn up.
  • In addition to this if neither fisherman turn up then they will get 0 points


League tables

20/03/16 - Castle Ashby - Brickyard pond

Changed from Scotland pond to brickyard pond due to availability

Details to follow


**************Don't forget new rod licenses needed from the 31st of March.********************


09/04/16 - Canal (Pete Brennan the 2015 Canal King to sort out)


Details to follow


21/05/16 - Wold farm the Oaks - complete lake booked

This has changed to Saturday as the lake was booked on Sunday

Details to follow

25/06/16 - Alders Farm - Pines lake


This time out we are on the Pines Lake

Just a reminder we have to use pellets from site. For full rules please follow this link



10/07/16 - Barby Banks (Postman Pat)

Booked pegs 89 to 104

06/08/16 - TOFTS - Carp lake




This is just an insight for everyone I will add the rest of the details when I get them


10/09/16 - Westwood lakes - Swallow Lake

15pegs booked