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************************* AGM 2016************************************

Chaps the AGM this year will be held at the silver band club Friday the 11th of November

please let me know if you can attend and bring along ideas for matches and venues



2016 season


This season we will be following the 7 match format for both singles and pairs created last season.

We will also be introducing some new rules please see below.

Following this we will also be adding some extra matches which will just be open matches and not count towards your points totals, they are as follows


27/02/16 - Pike match Oplus to provide details

12/06/16 - Dog lane - 14 pegs booked £7 per peg

24/07/15 - Castle Ashby grendon pond - 14 pegs booked


Who's with who


Mo Idea and Postman Pat

Fat Controller and Deck - A - Chair

The Bear and Panic

Oplus and Gandalf

Dremmel and Shoulders

Barlow and 60/40

Big Len and Dave

New rules:
  • If you stay for the entire match but blank then you will receive 1 point this will count in the singles only!
  • The biggest fish on the day of each match as judged by the chairman will be awarded 1 bonus point if it is a draw or undecided then no points will be awarded.
  • Prior to each draw the chairman will nominate a peg as the bonus peg. This will mean if the angler who has drawn this bonus peg wins the match the will also win the bonus peg money.
  • If the bonus peg is not won it rolls over to the following week.
  • The £1 for the bonus peg money will be taken out of the standard £20.00 match fees if you miss a match you will need to pay £21 on the next match to keep in the bonus peg competition.
Due to our lack of ability or places we fish you decide we have been forced to add a new rule. 
  • If Only 3 or less anglers catch then the points total available is halved e.g. this season we started with 12 points so if 3 or less anglers catch 1st place on the day will only get 6 points

The reason we selected 3 was to make sure all anglers had the opportunity to catch if only 1 or 2 catch 1 fish then it could be considered a fluke, This rule whilst still awarding anglers that do well stops the championship being won to early in the season.

Once 4 or more anglers have caught then full points will be available.

Note: This also affects the pairs if 3 individuals catch then the pairs in this season would get 3,2 and 1 points.


(Note: As this rule was brought in after the last fiasco i have spoken with Mr Elderton and he is happy that this is a fair way of doing it moving forward and agreed that he is happy for us to apply the rule retrospectively)

Rules for the pairs season:


  • All fisherman will draw a peg at each match this season
  • The weight from both fisherman in the pair will be added together and the placements will be decided as normal.
  • In the event of a fisherman not turning up we will double the weight of the fisherman that does turn up.
  • In addition to this if neither fisherman turn up then they will get 0 points


Bonus Peg Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7
Eldy £1.00 £1.00  £1.00 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00 £1.00 
Gandalf £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Brennan £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Hullis £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Tony £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Elmo £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Noel £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Barlow £1.00  £1.00 £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Bear  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Dan £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Stuart £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00  £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  
Panic £1.00  £1.00 £1.00  £1.00 £1.00 Winner £1.00  £1.00  
Won No (£12.00)  No (£24.00)

No (£36.00) 

No (48.00)   Yes (60.00)  No (£12.00)  No (24.00)

League tables

20/03/16 - Castle Ashby - Brickyard pond

Changed from Scotland pond to brickyard pond due to availability


Well first trip out and as usual we didn't disappoint we lowered the average for the venue by at least 10 fold.

Trevor aka Panic managed to let the team down and more importantly himself by not tuning up due to some sniffles bless him i hope blanky made him better.

Good work by those who did turn  out though it at least wasn't the usual first match with a couple of people already way out in front, We did however get treated to the first look at the the formidably partnership of Keith Lemon junior and senior.


Lets hope its a good season


**************Don't forget new rod licenses needed from the 31st of March.********************


09/04/16 - Canal (Pete Brennan the 2015 Canal King to sort out)


We are fishing the grand union canal at Castlethorpe (its actually closer to Cosgrove) we have the stretch from the navigation pub bridge down (opposite side to the pub and marina). 

We have already paid for this and the bailiff has advised we start just past the marina mouth going away from the pub.


Thrupp Wharf, Station Road, Cosgrove, MK19 7BE


21/05/16 - Wold farm the Oaks - complete lake booked

This has changed to Saturday as the lake was booked on Sunday

Details to follow


12/06/16 - Dog lane - 14 pegs booked £7 per peg


Note this is just for fun and no points awarded 


Top 3 from the first open as follows


1. Eldy - 55lb 2oz

2. Hullis - 48lb 8oz

3. The Bear - 45lb 14oz


25/06/16 - Alders Farm - Pines lake



This time out we are on the Pines Lake

Just a reminder we have to use pellets from site. For full rules please follow this link



10/07/16 - Barby Banks (Postman Pat)


Booked pegs 89 to 104


24/07/15 - Castle Ashby grendon pond - 14 pegs booked field side


This is not a points match this is just for fun so bigger prize money


06/08/16 - TOFTS - Carp lake




This is just an insight for everyone I will add the rest of the details when I get them


********************** BBQ Time ***************


This years BBQ will be held on Sunday the 7th of August at 2 o clock the venue this time round is Big Lens house if details needed please contact us or speak to us at the next match. 


Please also confirm you can make it and who's coming with you





10/09/16 - Westwood lakes


Due to a lake closure we are no longer on Swallow lake.

We have been moved to Hawk lake which is the lake that you all fish from the island


The Hawk lake is an unusal lake in that you fish from the island. Comprising 20 pegs. Average size is 1 to 3lb and ideal for the younger angler! Carp, Barbel, Tench, Roach, Skimmer and Chub all up to 3lb, Ide, F1’s and Crucians as well.


Bait: micro pellet, sweetcorn, paste on the hook work and caster.


15pegs booked