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************************* AGM 2016************************************

Chaps the AGM this year will be held at the silver band club Friday the 11th of November

please let me know if you can attend and bring along ideas for matches and venues



2017 season


This season we will be following the 7 match format but this time as well as singles there will be teams of 4.

At he AGM the top 4 from last year Eldy, Hullis, Elmo and Chris picked their teams by pulling the rest of us novices out of a hat.

Due to this change we will also be introducing some new rules please see below.


First up Who's with Who


 Mo's Muppets      Eld's Early Learners
Elmo Chris Hullis Eldy
New Pete Keith Tone Dan
Noel Bear Rooney Trev
Jez Brennan John C Mike

New rules:

  • Teams will work as per the pairs did previously everyone will draw a peg
  • To clear up the what happens if someone doesn't turn up i have done some research and this is how we will do it, get the total of the team members that have arrived and divide it by 4 regardless of how many are there on the day. e.g. 2 anglers turn up and catch 10lb each, so the total is 20lb we then divide that by 4 giving 5lb each to the 2 anglers that were not there so the team total will be 30lb. This will hopefully discourage no shows in attempt to boost the teams weight.
  • If there is a bait or fishing style marked down against a match this must be adhered to or points\weight will be deducted
  • If you stay for the entire match but blank then you will receive 1 point this will count in the singles only!
  • Prior to each draw the chairman will nominate a peg as the bonus peg. This will mean if the angler who has drawn this bonus peg wins the match the will also win the bonus peg money.
  • If the bonus peg is not won it rolls over to the following week.
  • The £1 for the bonus peg money will be taken out of the standard £20.00 match fees if you miss a match you will need to pay £21 on the next match to keep in the bonus peg competition.

Due to our lack of ability or places we fish you decide we have been forced to add a new rule. 

  • If Only 3 or less anglers catch then the points total available is halved e.g. this season we started with 12 points so if 3 or less anglers catch 1st place on the day will only get 6 points

The reason we selected 3 was to make sure all anglers had the opportunity to catch if only 1 or 2 catch 1 fish then it could be considered a fluke, This rule whilst still awarding anglers that do well stops the championship being won to early in the season.


Once 4 or more anglers have caught then full points will be available.

Bonus Peg Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4 Match 5 Match 6 Match 7
Won (24.00)              

League tables

18/03/16 - Manor Farm 



This is a float only venue see the website below




We have booked the whole lake (£50.00 deposit Paid)


**************Don't forget new rod licenses needed from the 31st of March.********************




22/04/16 - Dog Lane





06/05/16 - Alders Farm -  Ash lake booked 17 pegs





Rules as available here





10/06/16 - Waterloo





15/07/16 - Yoke hill Farm 





12/08/16 - Tofts




02/09/16 - Westwood lakes - Swallow lake 17 pegs booked