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Note: Due to rising cost of fishing venues rather than increasing the monthly payment we decided it would be best to take a donation of £20 upfront on the first match, like a membership (but not for legal reasons) this way we can continue to keep up the high standards of tat and equipment we provide now.


New rules:

  • Teams will work the same as previous seasons everyone will draw a peg
  • This year we have some 'Floaters' this means if someone doesn't turn up and there is a floater available then they will take the place in the team.
  • If there are multiple floaters or multiple teams requiring a floater then the they will be numbered and drawn from a hat and that floater will go with that team
  • If someone doesn't turn up and there is no floater available then we will total up the weight of everyone in the team who has attended and devide by the total number of fisherman in the team, in this case 3 regardless of how many are there on the day. e.g. 2 anglers turn up and catch 7.5lb each, so the total is 15lb we then divide that by 3 giving 5lb each to the 1 anglers that was not there so the team total will be 20lb. This will hopefully discourage no shows in attempt to boost the teams weight.
  • If there is a bait or fishing style marked down against a match this must be adhered to or points\weight will be deducted
  • If you stay for the entire match but blank then you will receive 1 point this will count in the singles only!
  • Prior to each draw the chairman will nominate a peg as the bonus peg. This will mean if the angler who has drawn this bonus peg wins the match the will also win the bonus peg money.
  • If the bonus peg is not won it rolls over to the following week.
  • The £1 for the bonus peg money will be taken out of the standard £20.00 match fees if you miss a match you will need to pay £21 on the next match to keep in the bonus peg competition.

Due to our lack of ability or places we fish you decide we have been forced to add a new rule. 

  • If Only 3 or less anglers catch then the points total available is halved e.g. this season we started with 12 points so if 3 or less anglers catch 1st place on the day will only get 6 points

The reason we selected 3 was to make sure all anglers had the opportunity to catch if only 1 or 2 catch 1 fish then it could be considered a fluke, This rule whilst still awarding anglers that do well stops the championship being won to early in the season.


Once 4 or more anglers have caught then full points will be available.

This year we will be in teams of 3 displayed in the table below, the 3 floaters will be Chris, Stuart, Peter B

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Team 4
Elmo Eldy Hullis Barlow 
Rooney Trevor Tone Dan
Mike Bear Jez Noel

Venues and Dates

Please note depending on availability the venues may swap round or other venues used

March 24th - Yoke hill farm silvers lake

This will be a silvers match


April 7th - Manor Farm fishery - match canal booked £50 deposit paid


This will be a bait restricted match which will be 2 pints of maggots (casters and pinkie will count in the 2 pints)


May 19th - Yolk hill farm - Figure of 8 lake -15 pegs booked


June 16th - Barby Banks - Snake lake 15 pegs booked but they have provided pegs 36-62

Advised that it is now 6-8 feet deep as they have dredged it and redone some of the pegs


July 7th - Dog Lane


August 18th - Tofts - Top lake 15 pegs booked £60.00 Deposit paid


September 22nd - Westwood - Falcon lake 15 pegs booked

League tables